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All Time Low( ATL )

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All Time Low( ATL )


'Probably not,'
'Alright, well-fuck'

'Let's play this damn show. Ugh, I'm drooling, ugh'
'My god what happened?' (laughing)
'I forgot to swallow, HAHA, that's what she said, HAHAHAHAH!'
'Hey, lets not be homophobic here, he can say that just as well as she can,'
'That's what he also said,'

'A few of us, myself, Alex, our light guy Jeff, our merch guy Vinnie, and our manager Keith are about to put $1, 000 on the color red in roulette. I'll probably regret it for the rest of the night.'
'YEAH!' 'Victory!'

'Yo dude, it's time to go on stage, we gotta play... WAKE THE FUCK UP!'

'Hey! Oh! I can play for the ravens!'

'200 300 yards with a 7 iron,'
'That sound about right,'

Farts 'Did it work?'

'Jack and the rest of the band is going to go on stage right,'
Radio noises

dancing shirtless along with a youtube video

'All time low is saying it's okay to be gay. All time low is saying it's okay to fornicate, and it's excpected to have sex before you get married. All time low is saying adultry is just fine. All time low is saying God's a liar and spit in god's eye'

runs outside naked girl screams laughing runs back inside

Dancing 'Oh-oh- O- OHW'

'Let me get the JÄGGER! Pass the bottle. Where my girls at? Holla at your boy'

tapping a guys face

Dick in a cup laughing 'It's my dick in a cup'

'Dammitt jim, I'm a doctor not a scientist.'
'Now suck em off,'
'Now suck em off Jim' 'JIM, Suck him off! Put his penis in your mouth and suck it, suck him off Jim'

'I can't get the feathers to work! Get, get off'
'Well if you yell at me that's not gonna help'
'Do you want me to braid your hair?'
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'Come here'
'Trust me? Trust me for like a second?'
'I don't want you to touch it,'
'Alright too much'

'I feel like there's a piece of rice in my face,'
'No, wait dude you know what I think. Cmhere. Oh wait there it is. nah it was just a pimple. I think you're staright'
'Ah, alright, thank you'

'And then like, I go to get back on stage-I'm making a fucking speach get the fuck out-'
'Then there was an Alligator, then a walrus, and three men died with an hatchet to the face'

'Seems alright to me'
'Do I need to put my adress down?'
'Excuse me, sir'
'Adress do you need the adress or no?'
'I think he's drunk, terrible'

'Who is he? We don't throw towels in this fucking dressing room,'
'You have one fucking job and thats to give me the mission impossible music,'


'Oh my god'
'It's like a fucking,'
'Can we do this?'
'Yeah just get your, get your good side'
'Yo should we do all my, on camera all my pimples right now. I got one right here, one right here,'
'The truth'
'Ryans got a couple of really good.'
'I don't know if they are pimples or puss bumps,'
'Perhaps herpes?'
'Let's see who's filming this,'
'God damn my life,'
'Speaking of on screen pimples'
'It's him! I've got a bif blemish, it's one of the unpopable types too,'
'Hey can someone pop this pimple reel quick' points to nipple

'Say it ain't so, I will not go, turn the lights off me home '
'That was really good harmonies'

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