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Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. (born March 13, 1972), better known by his stage name Common (formerly Common Sense), is an American hip hop recording artist, actor, poet and film producer from Chicago, Illinois. Common debuted in 1992 with the album Can I Borrow a Dollar? and maintained a significant underground following into the late 1990s, after which he gained notable mainstream success through his work with the Soulquarians. In 2011, Common launched Think Common Entertainment, his own record label imprint, and, in the past, has released music under various other labels such as Relativity, Geffen and GOOD Music, among others.

Common's first major-label album, Like Water for Chocolate, received widespread critical acclaim and tremendous commercial success. His first Grammy Award was in 2003, winning Best R&B Song for 'Love of My Life', with Erykah Badu. Its popularity was matched by May 2005's Be, which was nominated for Best Rap Album, at the 2006 Grammy Awards. Common was awarded his second Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group, for 'Southside' (featuring Kanye West), from his July 2007 album Finding Forever. His best-of album, Thisisme Then: The Best of Common, was released on November 27, 2007.

Common won the 2015 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and the 2015 Academy Award for Best Original Song, for his song 'Glory' from the 2014 film Selma, in which he co-starred as Civil Rights Movement leader James Bevel. Common's acting career also includes starring significant roles in the films Smokin' Aces, Street Kings, American Gangster, Wanted, Terminator Salvation, Date Night, Just Wright, Happy Feet Two, New Year's Eve, Run All Night, Being Charlie, and John Wick: Chapter 2. He also narrated the award-winning documentary Bouncing Cats, about one man's efforts to improve the lives of children in Uganda through hip-hop/b-boy culture. He starred as Elam Ferguson on the AMC western television series Hell on Wheels.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
HER Love 2019-06
1.HER Love
Love Star 2016
1.Love Star (feat. Marsha Ambrosius & PJ)
Black America Again 2016
1.Joy and Peace
3.Black America Again
4.Love Star
5.On a Whim (Interlude) (Provided)
6.Red Wine
8.A Bigger Picture Called Free
9.The Day Women Took Over
11.Little Chicago Boy
12.Letter to the Free
Diamonds 2014-07
War (Single) 2014
Nobody's Smiling 2014
1.The Neighborhood
2.No Fear
4.Blak Majik
5.Speak My Piece
6.Hustle Harder
7.Nobody's Smiling
10.Rewind That
11.Out On Bond
12.7 Deadly Sins
13.Young Hearts Run Free
Kingdom (Single) 2014
1.Kingdom (feat. Vince Staples)
Glory (From the Motion Picture 'Selma') [Single] 2014
The Dreamer, The Believer 2011
1.Chicago School (Provided)
2.Diagnosis (Provided)
3.The Cause (Provided)
4.To Find Mecca Is Within (Provided)
5.At 1AM (Provided)
6.Empty Threats (Provided)
7.Ghetto Purgatory (Provided)
8.Green Room (Provided)
9.Moonlight (Provided)
10.Nirvana Is In The Blunt (Provided)
11.Requiem For A Love (Provided)
12.Sinewave (Provided)
13.Skyline (Provided)
14.Stay Good
Blue Sky (Single) 2011
1.Blue Sky (Single)
Go! - Common Classics 2010
1.The Bitch in You
Universal Mind Control 2008-12
1.Universal Mind Control
2.Punch Drunk Love (feat. Kanye West)
3.Make My Day (feat. Cee-Lo Green)
4.Sex 4 Suga (Provided)
5.Announcement (feat. Pharrell)
7.Changes (feat. Muhsinah)
9.What a World (feat. Chester French) (Provided)
10.Everywhere (feat. Martina Topley-Bird) (Provided)
Finding Forever 2007
1.A Dream
2.Baby Don't Think About It (Provided)
3.Black Maybe
4.Break My Heart
5.Driving Me Wild
6.Forever Begins
7.I Want You
9.Peace And Love (Provided)
10.So Far to Go
12.Start The Show
13.The Game
14.The Myth
15.The People
Be 2005-05
2.The Corner
6.Love is... (Provided)
8.The Food(Live)
9.Real People
10.They Say
11.It's Your World(Part 1&2) (Provided)
Electric Circus 2003-02
1.Ferris Wheel (Provided)
2.Soul Power
4.Electric Wire Hustler Flower
5.The Hustle
6.Come Close
7.New Wave
8.Star *69(Ps With Love)
9.I Got a Right Ta
10.Between Me, You & Liberation
11.I Am Music
12.Jimi Was a Rock Star
13.Heaven Somewhere
Like Water For Chocolate 2000
1.A Song For Assata
2.A Film Called(Pimp)
4.The Questions
5.Cold Blooded
6.Payback Is A Grandmother
8.Ghetto Heaven Part Two
9.Nag Champa(Afrodesiac For The World)
10.The Light
11.The 6th Sense
12.Funky For You
13.Time Traveling(A Tribute To Fela)
16.Geto Heaven Part Two
17.Nag Champa(Afrodisiac For The World)
18.Pop's Rap Iii (Provided)
20.Time Travelin'(A Tribute To Fela)
21.Time Travellin'(Reprise) (Provided)
Resurrection 1997
1.Another Wasted Nite With...
2.Book Of Life
3.Chatper 13(Rich Man Vs.Poor Man)
5.In My Own World(Check The Method)
6.I Used To Love H.e.r.
8.Nuthin' To Do
9.Orange Pineapple Juice
10.Pop's Rap (Provided)
12.Sum Shit I Wrote
15.Wmoe (Provided)
One Day It'll All Make Sense 1997
1.1, 2 Many
2.All Night Long
3.Food For Funk
4.G.o.d.(Gaining One's Definition)
5.Gettin' Down At The Amphitheater
7.Introspective (Provided)
9.Making A Name For Ourselves
10.My City
11.Pop's Rap Part 2
12.Real Nigga Quotes
13.Reminding Me
14.Retrospect For Life
15.Stolen Moments Pt. I
16.Stolen Moments Pt. Ii
17.Stolen Moments Pt. Iii
Can I Borrow A Dollar 1992-01
1.A Penny For My Thoughts
2.Charms Alarm
3.Take It Ez
4.Heidi Hoe
5.Breaker 1/9
6.Two Scoops Of Raisins
7.No Defense (Provided)
8.Blows To The Temple
9.Just In The Nick Of Rhyme
10.Tricks Up My Sleeve
11.Puppy Chow
12.Soul By The Pound
13.Pitchin' Pennies
thisisme then: the best of common
1.Reminding Me (Of Sef) (Featuring Chantay Savage)
2.G.O.D. (Gaining One's Definition) Featuring Ce-Lo
3.Stolen Moments (Intro and Outro By Q-Tip)
1.Testify (Live)
2.Faithful (Live)
3.GO! (Live)
1.Don't Come My Way
2.Soul by Pound (Thump remix)
3.Car Horn (Madlib remix)
Miscellaneous 1
1.Drivin' Me Wild
2.Blue Sky
3.Raw (How You Like It)
4.Ghetto Dreams
6.Lovin' I Lost
9.The Dreamer
10.The Believer
13.Pops Belief
14.1 2 Many...
16.High Expectations
17.I've Been Thinking
18.Resurrection '95
19.The Bitch In Yoo
20.The Remedy
21.Come Close To Me
22.Reminding Me (Of Sef)
23.Any Given Sunday
24.A Film Called
25.8 Minutes To Sunrise
26.Act Too.. The Love Of My Life
27.Nag Champa
29.Electric Wire Hustler Flower'(feat. Sonny (P.O.D.)
30.Come Close'(feat. Mary J. Blige
31.New Wave'(feat. Laetitia Sadier
32.Between Me, You & Liberation'(feat. Cee-Lo
33.So Cool
34.I Got Right Ta - Featuring Pharrell Williams
35.Play Your Cards Right
36.Geto Heaven, Pt. 2
37.Aquarius (Clean)
39.Pops Rap III... All My Children
40.Universal Mind Control (UMC)
41.Punch Drunk Love
42.'Between Me, You and Liberation'
43.The Sixth Sense
44.Electric Wire Hustler Flower - Featuring Sonny Of P.O.D.
46.Stolen Moments Pt. 2
47.Stolen Moments Pt. 1
48.Make My Day
49.Sex 4 Sugar
52.What A World
54.Love Is
55.The Hustle (Clean)
56.Car Horn
57.U, Black Maybe
59.Like They Used to Say
60.The Light - Album Version Edited
61.Universal Mind Control (UMC) - Album Version (Edited)
62.Testify - Album Version (Edited)
63.The People - Album Version (Edited)
64.Soul Power - Album Version (Edited)
65.Gladiator - Album Version (Edited)
66.Inhale - Album Version (Edited)
67.Start The Show - Album Version (Edited)
68.The Game - Album Version (Edited)
69.Break My Heart - Album Version (Edited)
70.It's Your World - Part 1 & 2 (Edited)
71.The Food
72.The Food - Live (Explicit)
73.Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) - Album Version Edit
74.The Bitch in Yoo (live at Tramps 1996)
75.'Come Close' Remix (Closer) Main
76.Come Close (Main)
77.1999 (Street Version)
78.Like They Used to Say (Radio Edit)
79.I Want You (Radio Edit)
80.Love Is... (All My Love)
81.The Sun God
82.I Used to Love H.E.R. (radio edit)
83.Stay Schemin (Remix)
84.The Ladder
85.City to City
86.The Light (remix)
87.Come Close - Edited Album Version
88.Come Close (Edited)
89.Come Close (Boojoo Bayou remix)
90.Come Close (Boozoo Bajou remix)
91.Come Close - Album Version (Edited)
92.The 6th Sense (clean)
93.Soul by the Pound (Thump mix)
94.The Corner (radio)
95.Come Close (album version)
96.Glory (From the Motion Picture 'Selma')
97.Announcement (Sped Up)
99.The Corner - Album Version (Edited)
1.Jimi Was A Rock Star - Album Version (Edited)2.Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop) [Longer Version]

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