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Carlos Santana About this sound audio (help·info) (born July 20, 1947) is a Mexican and American musician who first became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his band, Santana, which pioneered a fusion of rock and Latin American music. The band's sound featured his melodic, blues-based guitar lines set against Latin and African rhythms featuring percussion instruments such as timbales and congas not generally heard in rock music. Santana continued to work in these forms over the following decades. He experienced a resurgence of popularity and critical acclaim in the late 1990s. In 2003 Rolling Stone magazine listed Santana at number 20 on their list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. He has won 10 Grammy Awards and three Latin Grammy Awards.
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Africa Speaks 2019-06
1.Africa Speaks (Provided)
3.Oye Este MI Canto
4.Yo Me Lo Merezco
5.Blue Skies
6.Paraísos Quemados (Provided)
7.Breaking Down The Door
8.Los Invisibles
9.Luna Hechicera (Provided)
10.Bembele (Provided)
11.Candombe Cumbele (Provided)
Breaking Down The Door 2019-04
1.Breaking Down The Door
Los Invisibles 2019-03
1.Los Invisibles
Santana IV 2016-04
1.Yambu (Provided)
2.Shake It (Provided)
3.Anywhere You Want To Go
4.Fillmore East (Provided)
5.Love Makes The World Go Round (Feat. Ronald Isley) (Provided)
6.Freedom In Your Mind (Feat. Ronald Isley) (Provided)
7.Choo Choo (Provided)
8.All Aboard (Provided)
9.Sueños (Provided)
10.Caminando (Provided)
11.Blues Magic
12.Echizo (Provided)
13.Leave Me Alone
14.You And I (Provided)
15.Come As You Are (Provided)
The Magic Of Santana 2015
1.Flor D'Luna (Provided)
2.I Love You Much To Much
3.Luz Amor Y Vida (Provided)
Borboletta 2014-02
1.Spring Manifestations (Provided)
2.Canto De Los Flores (Provided)
3.Life Is Anew
4.Give And Take
5.One With The Sun
6.Aspirations (Provided)
7.Practice What You Preach
9.Here And Now (Provided)
10.Flor De Canela (Provided)
11.Promise Of A Fisherman (Provided)
12.Barboletta (Provided)
Santana III 2014-02
1.Para Los Rumberos
3.Toussaint L'Overture (Provided)
4.Everybody's Everything
5.Everything's Coming Our Way
7.No One to Depend On
Corazon 2014
1.Besos de Lejos (Provided)
2.Margarita (Provided)
4.Mal Bicho (Provided)
5.Oye 2014 (Provided)
6.Iron Lion Zion
7.Una Noche en Napoles (Provided)
9.La flaca
10.I See Your Face (Provided)
11.Feel It Coming Back (Provided)
12.Yo Soy la Luz (Provided)
Amigos 2013-11
1.Dance Sister Dance(Baila Mi Hermana)
2.Take Me With You (Provided)
3.Let Me
5.Tell Me, Are You Tired
6.Europa(Earth's Cry Heavens Smile) (Provided)
7.Let It Shine
Caravanserai 2013-09
1.Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation (Provided)
2.Waves Within (Provided)
3.Look Up(To See What's Coming Down) (Provided)
4.Just In Time To See The Sun
5.Song Of The Wind (Provided)
6.All The Love Of The Universe
7.Future Primitive (Provided)
8.Stone Flower
9.La Fuente Del Ritmo (Provided)
10.Every Step Of The Way (Provided)
Greatest Hits 2013
1.Evil Ways
3.Hope You're Feeling Better
4.Samba Pa Ti (Provided)
6.Black Magic Woman
7.Oye Como Va (Provided)
8.Everything's Coming Our Way
9.Se A Cabo (Provided)
10.Everybody's Everything
千變萬化(Shape Shifter) 2012-05
1.Shape Shifter (Provided)
2.Dom (Provided)
3.Nomad (Provided)
4.Metatron (Provided)
5.Angelica Faith (Provided)
6.Never The Same Again (Provided)
7.In The Light Of A New Day (Provided)
8.Spark Of The Divine (Provided)
9.Macumba In Budapest (Provided)
10.Mr. Szabo (Provided)
11.Eres La Luz
12.Canela (Provided)
13.Ah, Sweet Dancer (Provided)
Acapulco Sunrise 2011
1.Acapulco Sunrise (Provided)
2.Coconut Grove (Provided)
3.El Corazon Manda (Provided)
4.Every Day I Have The Blues
5.Jam In E (Provided)
6.Jam In G Minor (Provided)
7.Jamin' Home (Provided)
8.La Puesta Del Sol (Provided)
9.Latin Tropical (Provided)
10.Santana Jam
11.Travellin' Blues (Provided)
12.With A Little Help From My Friends (Provided)
Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time 2010
1.Back In Black
3.Riders On The Storm
4.Whole Lotta Love
5.Little Wing
6.Sunshine Of Your Love
7.While My Guitar Gently Weeps
8.Dance The Night Away
9.Under The Bridge
10.Can't You Hear Me Knocking
11.Fortunate Son
12.I Ain't Superstitious
13.Smoke On The Water
14.Bang A Gong
The Essential Santana 2002-11
2.Evil Ways
3.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
4.Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
5.Oye Como Va (Provided)
6.Samba Pa Ti (Provided)
7.Everybody's Everything
8.No One To Depend On
9.Toussaint L'overture (Provided)
11.La Fuente Del Ritmo (Provided)
12.In A Silent Way (Provided)
13.Love Devotion And Surrender
16.Let The Children Play
17.Jugano (Provided)
18.She's Not There
19.Dance Sister Dance(Baila Mi Hermana)
20.Europa(Earth's Cry Heavens Smile) (Provided)
22.Well All Right
23.Open Invitation
24.Aquamarine (Provided)
25.You Know That I Love You
26.All I Ever Wanted
28.Hold On
29.Nowhere To Run
30.Say It Again
31.Veracruz (Provided)
32.Blues For Salvador (Provided)
33.The Healer (Provided)
Shaman[魔法師] 2002-10
2.Nothing At All
3.The Game Of Love
4.You Are My Kind
6.Foo Foo (Provided)
7.Victory Is Won (Provided)
10.Why Don't You And I
11.Feels Like Fire
12.Let Me Love You Tonight
13.Aye Aye Aye
14.Hoy Es Adios
15.One Of These Days
Shaman 2002
2.Aye Aye Aye
3.Feels Like Fire
4.Hoy Es Adios
5.Nothing at All
7.One of These Days
9.Since Supernatural
10.The Game Of Love
11.Why Don't You and I
12.You Are My Kind
13.Amoré (Sexo)
15.Foo Foo (Provided)
16.Why Don't You & I
Supernatural(超自然) 1999-06
1.Da Le Yaleo
2.Love Of My Life
3.Put Your Lights On
4.Africa Bamba
6.Do You Like The Way
7.Maria Maria
9.Corazon Espinado
10.Wishing It Was
11.El Farol (Provided)
13.The Calling (Provided)
14.Day Of Celebration
Supernatural 1999
1.Africa Bamba
2.Corazon Espinado
3.Da Le Yaleo
4.Day of Celebration
5.Do You Like The Way
6.El Farol (Provided)
8.Maria Maria
10.Put Your Lights On
12.The Calling (Provided)
13.Wishing It Was
14.Love Of My Life (Featuring Dave Matthews)
Santana III (1998 Reissue) 1998
1.Batuka (Provided)
2.Gumbo (Provided)
3.Jungle Strut (Provided)
Santana (1998 Reissue) 1998
1.Fried Neckbones (Provided)
2.Savor (Provided)
3.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
Masters 1998
1.As The Years Go By
2.El Corazon Manda (Provided)
3.Every Day I Have The Blues
4.Fried Neckbones (Provided)
5.Jammin' Home (Provided)
6.Jam In E (Provided)
7.Jam In G Minor (Provided)
8.Ji-Go-Lo-Ba (Provided)
9.Latin Tropical (Provided)
10.La Puesta Del Sol (Provided)
11.Let's Get Ourselves Together (Provided)
13.Santana Jam
14.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
15.Travelin' Blues (Provided)
16.With A Little Help From My Friends (Provided)
Between Good&Evil 1998
1.Black Magic Woman/gypsy Queen
2.Europa (Provided)
3.Evil Ways
4.I'll Be Waiting
5.Jugando (Provided)
7.Practice What You Preach
8.Samba Pa Ti (Provided)
9.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
Best Of Santana 1998
1.All I Ever Wanted
2.Bella (Provided)
3.Black Magic Woman/gypsy Queen
4.Dance, Sister, Dance(Baila Mi Hermana)
5.Europa (Provided)
6.Everybody's Everything
7.Evil Ways
8.Hold On
10.No One To Depend On
11.Open Invitation
12.Oye Como Va (Provided)
13.Samba Pa Ti (Provided)
14.She's Not There
15.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
Live At The Fillmore 68 1997
1.As The Years Go By
2.Chunk A Funk (Provided)
3.Conquistadore Rides Again (Provided)
4.Freeway (Provided)
5.Fried Neckbones (Provided)
8.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
9.Treat (Provided)
Jingo 1997
1.Acapulco Sunrise (Provided)
2.Every Day I Have The Blues
3.Hot Tamales
5.La Puesta Del Sol (Provided)
6.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
Golden Classics 1997
1.Acapulco Sunrise (Provided)
2.As The Years Go By
3.Evil Ways
4.Fried Neckbones And Some Homefries (Provided)
5.Jam (Provided)
7.Latin Tropical (Provided)
8.Let's Get Ourselves Together (Provided)
10.Puesta Del Sol (Provided)
11.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
Evil Ways 1997
1.As The Years Go By
2.Evil Ways
3.Jam In E (Provided)
4.Latin Tropical (Provided)
5.Let's Get Ourselves Together (Provided)
Guaranteed Fresh 1996
1.As The Years Go By
2.El Corazon Manda (Provided)
3.Every Day I Have The Blues
4.Jammin' Home (Provided)
5.Jam In E (Provided)
6.Ji-Go-Lo-Ba (Provided)
7.La Puesta Del Sol (Provided)
8.Let's Get Ourselves Together (Provided)
10.Santana Jam
11.Travelin' Blues (Provided)
12.With A Little Help From My Friends (Provided)
Dance Of The Rainbow Serpent 1995
1.Black Magic Woman/gypsy Queen
2.Everybody's Everything
3.Evil Ways
4.Flame Sky (Provided)
5.In A Silent Way (Provided)
6.Naima (Provided)
7.Oye Como Va (Provided)
8.Samba Pa Ti (Provided)
9.Song Of The Wind (Provided)
10.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
11.Toussaint L'overture (Provided)
12.Waves Within (Provided)
Best Of Santana-1995 1995
1.Every Day I Have The Blues
2.Evil Ways
3.Fried Neckbones And Some Homefries (Provided)
5.Let's Get Ourselves Together (Provided)
7.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
8.With A Little Help From My Friends (Provided)
Soul Sacrifice 1994
1.Acapulco Sunrise (Provided)
2.Coconut Grove (Provided)
3.Every Day I Have The Blues
4.Fried Neckbones And Some Homefries (Provided)
5.Hot Tamales
6.Latin Tropical (Provided)
7.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
Jin-Go-Lo-Ba 1994
1.As The Years Go By
2.El Corazon Manda (Provided)
3.Ji-Go-Lo-Ba (Provided)
4.La Puesta Del Sol (Provided)
Jam 1994
1.Every Day I Have The Blues
2.Jammin' Home (Provided)
3.Jam In E (Provided)
4.Let's Get Ourselves Together (Provided)
5.Santana Jam
6.Travelin' Blues (Provided)
7.With A Little Help From My Friends (Provided)
Sacred Fire-Santana Live In South America 1993
1.Angels All Around Us (Provided)
2.Black Magic Woman/gypsy Queen
4.Europa (Provided)
6.Ji-Go-Lo-Ba (Provided)
7.Make Somebody Happy
8.No One To Depend On
9.Oye Como Va (Provided)
10.Samba Pa Ti (Provided)
11.Soul Sacrifice/ Don't Try This At Home (Provided)
12.Toussaint L'overture (Provided)
13.Vive La Vida(Life Is For Living)
Sacred Fire 1993
3.No One to Depend On
4.Vive la Vida (Life Is for Living)
6.Toussaint L'Overture (Provided)
8.Oye Como Va
9.Make Somebody Happy
Milagro 1992
1.Agua Que Va Caer
2.A Dios (Provided)
3.Free All The People(South Africa)
4.Gypsy/ Grajonca (Provided)
5.Life Is For Living
6.Make Somebody Happy
8.Red Prophet (Provided)
9.Saja/ Right On
10.Somewhere In Heaven
11.We Don't Have To Wait (Provided)
12.Your Touch
Spirits Dancing In The Flesh 1990
2.Full Moon
3.Goodness And Mercy (Provided)
4.Gypsy Woman
5.It's A Jungle Out There
6.Ji-Go-Lo-Ba (Provided)
7.Let There Be Light/ Spirits Dancing In The Flesh
8.Peace On Earth...mother Earth..third Stone From The Sun
9.Soweto(Africa Libre) (Provided)
10.Who's That Lady
Viva Santana 1988
1.Abi Cama (Provided)
2.Angel Negro (Provided)
3.Ballin' (Provided)
4.Bambara (Provided)
5.Black Magic Woman/gypsy Queen
6.Everybody's Everything
8.Incident At Neshabur (Provided)
10.Jungle Strut (Provided)
11.Just Let The Music Speak (Provided)
12.Paris Finale
13.Song Of The Wind (Provided)
14.Super Boogie/ Hong Kong Blues (Provided)
15.Vilato (Provided)
Viva Santana! 1988
1.Bambele (Provided)
2.Daughter of the Night
4.Oye Como Va
5.Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)
7.Everybody's Everything
8.Evil Ways
11.Open Invitation
12.She's Not There
Freedom 1987
1.Before We Go
2.Deeper, Dig Deeper
3.Love Is You (Provided)
4.Mandela (Provided)
5.Once It's Gotcha
7.She Can't Let Go
8.Songs Of Freedom
9.Vera Cruz
10.Victim Of Circumstance
Blues For Salvador 1987
1.'trane (Provided)
2.Bailando/ Aquatic Park
3.Bella (Provided)
4.Blues For Salvador (Provided)
5.Deeper, Dig Deeper
6.Hannibal (Provided)
7.I'm Gone (Provided)
8.Mingus (Provided)
9.Now That You Know
Beyond Appearances 1985
1.Breaking Out
3.How Long
4.I'm The One Who Loves You
5.Right Now
6.Say It Again
8.Touchdown Raiders (Provided)
9.Two Points Of View
10.Who Loves You
11.Written In Sand
Havana Moon 1983
1.Daughter Of The Night
2.Equador (Provided)
3.Havana Moon
4.Lightnin' (Provided)
5.Mudbone (Provided)
6.One With You
7.Tales Of Kilimanjaro (Provided)
8.They All Went To Mexico
9.Vereda Tropical
10.Watch Your Step
11.Why Do You Love (Provided)
Shango 1982-01
1.The Nile
2.Hold On
3.Night Hunting Time
4.Nowhere To Run
5.Nueva York (Provided)
7.Body Surfing
8.What Does It Take(To Win Your Love)
9.Let Me Inside
10.Warrior (Provided)
11.Shango (Provided)
Zebop 1981-01
2.E Papa Re
3.Primera Invasion (Provided)
5.Over And Over
7.Tales Of Kilimanjaro (Provided)
8.The Sensitive Kind
9.American Gypsy (Provided)
10.I Love You Much Too Much (Provided)
11.Brightest Star
12.Hannibal (Provided)
Swing Of Delight 1980
1.Gardenia (Provided)
2.Golden Hours (Provided)
3.Jharna Kala (Provided)
4.La Llave (Provided)
5.Love Theme From'Spartacus' (Provided)
6.Phuler Matan (Provided)
7.Sher Khan, The Tiger (Provided)
8.Song For My Brother (Provided)
9.Swapan Tari (Provided)
Marathon 1979-01
1.Marathon (Provided)
2.Lightning In The Sky
3.Aqua Marine (Provided)
4.You Know That I Love You
5.All I Ever Wanted
6.Stand Up
7.Runnin (Provided)
8.Summer Lady
10.Stay(Beside Me)
11.Hard Times
Inner Secrets 1978-01
1.Dealer/Spanish Rose
2.Move On
3.One Chain(Don't Make No Prison)
5.Well All Right
6.Open Invitation
7.Life Is A Lady/Holiday (Provided)
8.The Facts Of Love
9.Wham! (Provided)
Moonflower 1977-01
1.Dawn/Go Within (Provided)
3.Let The Children Play
4.Jugando (Provided)
5.I'll Be Waiting
6.Zulu (Provided)
7.Bahia (Provided)
8.Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
9.Dance Sister Dance(Baila Mi Hermana)
10.Europa(Earth's Cry Heavens Smile) (Provided)
11.She's Not There
12.Flor D'luna(Moonflower) (Provided)
13.Soul Sacrifice/Head Hands And Feet(Drum Solo) (Provided)
14.El Morocco (Provided)
16.Savor/Toussaint L'Overture
Festival 1976-01
2.Let The Children Play
3.Jugando (Provided)
4.Give Me Love
5.Verao Vermelho (Provided)
6.Let The Music Set You Free (Provided)
7.Revelations (Provided)
8.Reach Up
9.The River
10.Try A Little Harder
11.Maria Caracoles (Provided)
Lotus 1975-01
1.Going Home (Provided)
2.A-1 Funk (Provided)
3.Every Step Of The Way (Provided)
4.Black Magic Woman
5.Gypsy Queen (Provided)
6.Oye Como Va (Provided)
7.Yours Is The Light
8.Batuka (Provided)
9.Xibaba (Provided)
10.Stone Flower(Introduction) (Provided)
11.Waiting (Provided)
12.Castillos de Arena, Part 1(Sand Castle) (Provided)
13.Free Angela (Provided)
14.Samba De Sausalito (Provided)
15.Mantra (Provided)
16.Kyoto (Provided)
17.Castillos de Arena, Part 2(Sand Castle) (Provided)
18.Incident At Neshabur (Provided)
19.Se A Cabo (Provided)
20.Samba Pa Ti (Provided)
21.Mr.Udo (Provided)
22.Toussaint L'overture (Provided)
Welcome 1973-01
1.Going Home (Provided)
2.Love Devotion And Surrender
3.Samba De Sausalito (Provided)
4.When I Look Into Your Eyes
5.Yours Is The Light
6.Mother Africa (Provided)
7.Light Of Life
8.Flame-Sky (Provided)
9.Welcome (Provided)
Santana 3 1971-01
1.Batuka (Provided)
2.No One To Depend On
4.Toussaint L'overture (Provided)
5.Everybody's Everything
7.Jungle Strut (Provided)
8.Everything's Coming Our Way
9.Para Los Rumberos
Abraxas 1970-01
1.Singing Winds, Crying Beasts (Provided)
2.Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
3.Oye Como Va (Provided)
4.Incident At Neshabur (Provided)
5.Se A Cabo (Provided)
6.Mother's Daughter
7.Samba Pa Ti (Provided)
8.Hope You're Feeling Better
9.El Nicoya (Provided)
Santana 1969-01
1.Waiting (Provided)
2.Evil Ways
3.Shades Of Time
4.Savor (Provided)
7.Treat (Provided)
8.You Just Don't Care
9.Soul Sacrifice (Provided)
Santana Brothers
Multi Dimensional Warrior
1.Let There Be Light
2.I Believe It's Time
3.Serpents And Doves
4.Curacion (Provided)
5.Bella (Provided)
6.Full Moon
7.Blues Latino (Provided)
8.En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor
9.Luz Amore Y Vida (Provided)
10.Blues For Salvador (Provided)
11.Victory Is Won (Provided)
12.Love Is You (Provided)
14.Right Now
16.The River
18.Life Is for Living
19.Saja / Right On
20.Somewhere in Heaven
21.Your Touch
22.I'll Be Waiting
23.El Farol (Provided)
24.Aqua Marine (Provided)
25.While My Guitar Gently Weeps
26.Europa (Provided)
27.I Love You Much Too Much (Provided)
28.Samba Pa Ti (Provided)
All That I Am
1.Cry Baby Cry
Miscellaneous 1
1.Just Feel Better
2.I'm Feeling You (Radio Edit)
3.Free As The Morning Sun
4.Free Form Funkafide Filth
5.I Am Free
6.Life Is Just A Passing Parade
7.I'm Feeling You
8.This Boy's Fire
9.Silver Dreams, Golden Smiles
10.Them Changes
11.Why Don't You And I?
12.Who Do You Love
13.Borboletta (Provided)
14.Love Devotion & Surrender
15.Maria Maria (Feat. The Product G&B)
16.The Healer (Feat. Santana)
17.Into The Night (Feat. Chad Kroeger)
18.The Calling (Feat. Eric Clapton)
19.The Game Of Love (Feat. Tina Turner)
21.Right On
22.A Love Supreme (Provided)
23.Chill Out (Things Gonna Change)
24.Low Rider
25.'Singing Winds, Crying Beasts' (Provided)
26.Wings of Grace
27.Wishing It Was'(feat. Eagle Eye Cherry
28.Feels Like Fire'(feat. Dido
29.Hoy Es Adios'(feat. Alejandro Lerner
30.Into The Night
31.As the Years Go Passing By
32.Love Theme from 'Spartacus'
33.The Game Of Love (feat.Michelle Branch)
35.Why Don't You And I Ft. Chad Kroeger -Music-Madness
36.I'm Winning
37.Nothing at all - ft. Musiq
38.Angel of Sunlight (Provided)
39.Meditation (Provided)
40.Illuminations (Provided)
41.Just Feel Better (Featuring Steven Tyler)
42.Smooth feat.Rob Thomas
44.Nothing At All Ft. Musiq -Music-Madness
45.Why don't you and I - ft. Chad Kroeger
46.Put Your Lights On feat.Everlast
47.Smooth (Featuring Rob Thomas)
48.Put Your Lights On (Album Version)
49.El Fuego
50.Con Santana
51.Da Tu Amor
52.Se a Cabo (Live) (Provided)
53.Cry Baby Cry-(w Sean Paul & Joss Stone)
54.Brown Skin Girl-(w Bo Bice)
55.Twisted-(w Anthony Hamilton)
56.I Am Somebody-(w Will.I.Am)
57.Just Feel Better-(w Steven Tyler)
58.I'm Feeling You-(w Michelle Branch & The Wreckers)
60.My Man
61.Everlast (Featuring Santana) - Put Your Lights On
63.Open Inventation
65.Brown Skin Girl (Featuring Bo Bice)
66.Cry Baby Cry (Featuring Sean Paul & Joss Stone)
67.I Am Somebody (Featuring
68.I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love (Featuring Los Lonely Boys)
69.The game of love - ft. Michelle Branch
70.� Papa R�
71.She's Not There (single version)
72.Da Le
73.Interplanetary Party
74.Black Magic Women
75.Black Magic Woman (single version)
76.Rock Me
77.Verão Vermelho
78.María Caracôles
79.Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way)
80.Make Somebody Happy - Live In South America
81.No One to Depend On (Live)
82.Maria Maria (feat. The Product G&B) - Radio Mix
83.Aye Aye Aye - Live From NY
84.I Am Somebody - Live From NY
85.Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen (live)
86.Taboo (Live)
87.Gumbo - Live
88.Open Invitation (Live)
89.Give and Take (Live)
90.I Love You Too Much
91.Daughter of the Night (Live Version)
92.Why Don't You & I (Alternate Version)
93.Maria Maria (Radio Mix)
94.Mother Earth
95.Evil Ways (Live Version)
97.Everything's Coming Your Way
98.Maria Maria (radio edit)
99.Evil Ways / A Love Supreme
1.Persuasion (original David Rubinson Session)
2.You Just Don't Care (live at Woodstock)
3.Evil Ways (Re-Recorded)
4.As the Years Go Passing By (Live)
5.Now That You Know (Live)
6.Smooth (Live)
7.Into the Night (Tommie Sunshine club mix)
8.Why Don't You and I (feat. Alex Band)
9.Stone Flower (Introduction) (Live)
10.María María
11.María María (Radio Edit)
12.Maria Maria - Wyclef Remix
13.Maria Maria (Pumpin' Dolls radio edit)
14.Into the Night (album version)
15.Why Don't You & I (Alt. version)
16.Smooth (album version)
17.Smooth (Chris Staropoli remix)
18.Black Magic Woman - Live: Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA 18 Mar '78
19.Evil Ways - Live: Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA 18 Mar '78
20.Nothing at All (Frank Wolf remix edit)
21.Angel Love (Come for Me)
22.Love Makes The World Go Round - Commentary By Carlos Santana
23.Maria Maria featuring The Product G&B - Radio Mix
24.Into the Night (Tommie Sunshine remix radio edit)
25.Sideways (5.1 mix)
26.Put Your Lights On (Radio Edit)
27.Game of Love
28.The Game of Love - Main / Radio Mix
29.The Life Divine - Live
30.Medley: Black Satin / Smooth Criminal / Land of 1000 Dances - Live
31.Medley: Black Satin / Smooth Criminal / Land of 1000 Dances

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