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Madonna( Madonna Louise Ciccone )【 65 albums 886 lyrics 】
Madonna Louise Ciccone (/tʃɪˈkoʊni/; born August 16, 1958) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She achieved popularity by pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music and imagery in her music videos, which became a fixture on MTV. Madonna is known for reinventing both her music and image, and for maintaining her autonomy within the recording industry. Music critics have acclaimed her musical productions, which have generated some controversy. Referred to as the 'Queen of Pop', Madonna is often cited as an influence by other artists.

Born in Bay City, Michigan, Madonna moved to New York City in 1977 to pursue a career in modern dance. After performing in the music groups Breakfast Club and Emmy, she signed with Sire Records (an auxiliary label of Warner Bros. Records) in 1982 and released her eponymous debut album the following year. She followed it with a series of commercially and critically successful albums, including the Grammy Award winners Ray of Light (1998) and Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005). Throughout her career, Madonna has written and produced most of her songs, with many of them reaching number one on the record charts, including 'Like a Virgin', 'Papa Don't Preach', 'Like a Prayer', 'Vogue', 'Take a Bow', 'Frozen', 'Music', 'Hung Up', and '4 Minutes'.

Madonna's popularity was further enhanced by her roles in films such as Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), Dick Tracy (1990), and Evita (1996). While the latter earned her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, most of her other films received poor reviews. Madonna has been acclaimed as a businesswoman, particularly after she founded entertainment company Maverick (including the label Maverick Records). In 2007 she signed an unprecedented U.S. $120 million 360 deal with Live Nation, which led to a record deal with Interscope Records. Her other ventures include fashion design, writing children's books, and filmmaking.

Having sold more than 300 million records worldwide, Madonna is recognized as the best-selling female recording artist of all time by Guinness World Records. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) listed her as the best-selling female rock artist of the 20th century and the second highest-certified female artist in the United States, with 64.5 million album units. Madonna is the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time, earning U.S. $1.31 billion from her concerts since 1990. She became one of the five founding members of the UK Music Hall of Fame and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in her first year of eligibility. Madonna was ranked at number one on VH1's list of 100 Greatest Women in Music and number two (behind only The Beatles) on Billboard's list of Greatest Hot 100 Artists of All Time.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Dark Ballet 2019-06
1.Dark Ballet
I Rise 2019-05
1.I Rise
Rebel Heart 2015-03
1.Living For Love
2.Devil Pray
4.Unapologetic Bitch
6.Bitch I'm Madonna
7.Hold Tight
8.Joan Of Arc
11.Body Shop
12.Holy Water
13.Inside Out
14.Wash All Over Me
15.Best Night
16.Veni Vedi Vici
19.Rebel Heart
Illuminati 2014-12
1.Illuminati2.Unapologetic Bitch
MDNA World Tour 2013-09
1.Virgin Mary(Intro) (Provided)
2.Girl Gone Wild
4.Gang Bang
5.Papa Don't Preach
6.Hung Up
7.I Don't Give A
8.Best Friend(Video Interlude)
9.Express Yourself
10.Give Me All Your Luvin'
11.Turn Up The Radio
12.Open Your Heart
14.Justify My Love(Video Interlude)
16.Erotic Candy Shop
17.Human Nature
18.Like A Virgin Waltz
19.Love Spent
20.Nobody Knows Me(Video Interlude)
21.I'm Addicted
22.I'm A Sinner
23.Like A Prayer
MDNA 2012-04
1.Girl Gone Wild(變身惡女)
2.Gang Bang(暗夜槍聲)
3.I'm Addicted(沉溺)
4.Turn Up The Radio(打開收音機)
5.Give Me All Your Luvin'(給我你的愛)
6.Some Girls(有些女孩)
8.I Don't Give A(我才不甩)
9.I'm A Sinner(我是罪人)
10.Love Spent(拜金愛情)
12.Falling Free(完全墜落)
13.Beautiful Killer(美麗殺手)
14.I Fucked Up(我搞砸了)
15.B-Day Song(生日歌)
16.Best Friend(最好的朋友)
17.Give Me All Your Luvin' [Party Rock Remix] 給我你的愛[混音版]
Give Me All Your Luvin' 2012-02
1.Give Me All Your Luvin'
Sticky and Sweet Tour(黏蜜蜜 世界巡迴演唱會實錄) 2010-03
1.Candy Shop (Medley)
2.Beat Goes On (Medley)
3.Human Nature
5.She's Not Me
7.Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
8.Spanish Lesson
9.La Isla Bonita
10.You Must Love Me
11.Get Stupid (Medley) (Provided)
12.Like A Prayer
13.Give It 2 Me
娜經典 2009-09
1.Hung Up
4.4 Minutes(feat. Justin Timberlake And Timbaland)
7.Like A Virgin
8.Into The Groove
9.Like A Prayer
10.Ray Of Light
12.Express Yourself
13.Open Your Heart
17.Justify My Love
18.Revolver(feat. Lil Wayne)
19.Dress You Up
20.Material Girl
21.La Isla Bonita
22.Papa Don't Preach
23.Lucky Star
24.Burning Up
25.Crazy For You
26.Who's That Girl
28.Miles Away
29.Take A Bow
30.Live To Tell
31.Beautiful Stranger
33.Die Another Day
34.Don't Tell Me
Celebration (Deluxe Edition) 2009
Give It 2 Me (Maxi Single) 2008-08
1.Give It 2 Me (Eddie Amador Club Mix)
2.Give It 2 Me (Eddie Amador House Lovers Mix)
3.Give It 2 Me (Jody Den Broeder Club Mix)
4.Give It 2 Me (Jody Den Broeder Dub)
5.Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Dub) (Provided)
Hard Candy 2008-04
1.Candy Shop
2.4 Minutes
3.Give It 2 Me
5.Miles Away
6.She's Not Me
8.Beat Goes On
9.Dance 2night
10.Spanish Lesson
11.Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
4 Minutes 2008-03
1.4 minutes(Edit)2.4 minutes(Album Version)
The Immaculate Collection 2007-04
2.Lucky Star
4.Like A Virgin
5.Material Girl
6.Crazy For You
7.Into The Groove
8.Live To Tell
9.Papa Don't Preach
10.Open Your Heart
11.La Isla Bonita
12.Like A Prayer
13.Express Yourself
16.Justify My Love
17.Rescue Me
American Life(夢醒美國) 2007-04
1.American Life
3.I'm So Stupid
4.Love Profusion
5.Nobody Knows Me
6.Nothing Fails
8.X-Static Process
9.Mother And Father
10.Die Another Day
11.Easy Ride
The Confessions Tour 2007-02
1.Future Lovers&I Feel Love
2.Like A Virgin
7.Sorry (Remix)
8.I Love New York
9.Let It Will Be
10.Music Inferno
12.Lucky Star
13.Hung Up
Confessions On A Dancefloor(娜語錄) 2005-11
1.Hung Up(心神不寧)
2.Get Together
4.Future Lovers
5.I Love New York
6.Let It Will Be
7.Forbidden Love
9.How High
12.Like It Or Not
Confessions On A Dance Floor 2005
1.Hung Up
2.I Love New York
4.Get Together
7.Fighting Spirit
8.Future Lovers
9.Let It Will Be
10.How High
12.Like It or Not
13.Super Pop
Die Another Day 2002-10
1.Die Another Day(Radio Edit)
2.Die Another Day(Dirty Vegas Main Mix)
3.Die Another Day(Thee Retrolectro Mix)
4.Die Another Day(Thunderpuss Club Mix)
5.Die Another Day(Deepsky Remix)
6.Die Another Day(Brother Brown's Bond-Age Club)
Greatest Hits Volume 2(GHV2就是娜精選) 2001-11
1.Deeper And Deeper
3.Human Nature
5.Don't Cry For Me Argentina
6.Bedtime Story
7.The Power Of Good-Bye
8.Beautiful Stranger
10.Take A Bow
11.Ray Of Light
12.Don't Tell Me
13.What It Feels Like For A Girl
14.Drowned World/Substitute For Love
What Feels Like For A Girl[女孩的感覺] 2001-06
1.What Feels Like For A Girl
Music 2000-09
1.Music(Radio Version)
2.Impressive Instant
3.Runaway Lover
4.I Deserve It
6.Nobody's Perfect
7.Don't Tell Me
8.What It Feels Like For A Girl
9.Paradise(Not For Me)
11.American Pie
84~90影像 2000-05
1.Lucky Star
3.Like A Virgin
4.Material Girl
5.Papa Don't Preach
6.Open Your Heart
7.La Isla Bonita
8.Like A Prayer
9.Express Yourself
11.Oh Father
The Next Best Thing 2000
1.American Pie2.Time Stood Still
The Spy Who Shagged Me 1999
1.Beautiful Stranger
In The Beginning 1998-08
1.Crimes Of Passion
3.Ain't No Big Deal'97
4.Laugh To Keep From Crying
5.Burning Up
6.Ain't No Big Deal '81
7.Everybody '81
8.Stay '81
9.Don't You Know?
Ray Of Light 1998-03
1.Drowned World(Substitute For Love)
3.Ray Of Light
4.Candy Perfume Girl
6.Nothing Really Matters
7.Sky Fits Heaven
10.The Power Of Good-Bye
11.To Have And Not To Hold
12.Little Star
13.Mer Girl
14.Has To Be
Evita(瑪丹娜之阿根廷別為我哭泣) 1996-10
1.A Cinema In Buenos Aires, 26 July 1952
2.Requiem For Evita
3.Oh What A Circus
4.On This Night Of A Thousand Stars
5.Eva And Magaldi(Eva Beware Of The City)
6.Buenos Aires
7.Another Suitcase In Another Hall
8.Goodnight And Thank You
9.The Lady's Got Potential
10.Charity Concert/The Art Of The Possible
11.I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You
12.Hello And Goodbye
13.Peron's Latest Flame
14.A New Argentina
15.On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada 1
16.Don't Cry For Me Argentina
17.On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada 2
18.High Flying,Adored
19.Rainbow High
20.Rainbow Tour
21.The Actress Hasn't Learned The Lines (You'd Like To Hear)
22.And The Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)
23.Partido Feminista
24.She Is A Diamond
25.Santa Evita
26.Waltz For Eva And Che
27.Your Little Body's Slowly Breaking Down
28.You Must Love Me
29.Eva's Final Broadcast
30.Latin Chant
Pre-Madonna 1996
1.Laugh To Keep From Crying
2.Crimes Of Passion
3.Ain't No Big Deal
5.Burning Up
6.Ain't No Big Deal
9.Don't You Know?
10.Ain't No Big Deal (97 Extended)
You'll See 1995-11
1.Veras(You'll See)
2.Live To Tell
3.Veras(You'll See)(instrumental) (Provided)
Something To Remember 1995-11
1.I Want You
2.I'll Remember
3.Take A Bow
4.You'll See
5.Crazy For You
6.This Used To Be My Playground
7.Live To Tell
8.Love Don't Live Here Anymore
9.Something To Remember
10.Forbidden Love
11.One More Chance
13.Oh Father
14.I Want You (Orchestral)
Bedtime Stories 1994-10
3.I'd Rather Be Your Lover
4.Don't Stop
5.Inside Of Me
6.Human Nature
7.Forbidden Love
8.Love Tried To Welcome Me
10.Bedtime Story
11.Take A Bow
Erotica 1992-10
3.Bye Bye Baby
4.Deeper And Deeper
5.Where Life Begins
6.Bad Girl
8.Thief Of Hearts
11.Why's It So Hard
12.In This Life
13.Did You Do It?
14.Secret Garden
I'm Breathless[Music From Dick Tracy] 1990-05
1.He's A Man
2.Sooner Or Later
3.Hanky Panky
4.I'm Going Bananas
5.Cry Baby
6.Something To Remember
7.Back In Business
9.What Can You Lose
10.Now I'm Following You(Part I)
11.Now I'm Following You (Part Ii)
Like A Prayer 1989
1.Like A Prayer
2.Express Yourself
3.Love Song
4.Till Death Do Us Part
5.Promise To Try
7.Dear Jessie
8.Oh Father
9.Keep It Together
10.Spanish Eyes
11.Act Of Contrition
You Can Dance 1987-11
4.Physical Attraction
5.Over And Over
6.Into The Groove
7.Where's The Party
9.Into The Groove(Originally From The Movie'Desperately Seeking Susa)
10.Where's The Party
Who's That Girl 1987
1.Who's That Girl
2.Causing A Commotion
3.The Look Of Love
4.Can't Stop
A Very Special Christmas 1987
1.Santa Baby
True Blue 1986
1.Papa Don't Preach
2.Open Your Heart
3.White Heat
4.Live To Tell
5.Where's The Party
6.True Blue
7.La Isla Bonita
8.Jimmy Jimmy
9.Love Makes The World Go Round
Vision Quest 1985
1.Gambler2.Crazy For You
Like A Virgin 1984
1.Material Girl
3.Like A Virgin
4.Over And Over
5.Love Don't Live Here Anymore
6.Dress You Up
Madonna 1982
1.Lucky Star
3.Burning Up
4.I Know It
6.Think Of Me
7.Physical Attraction
1.The Power Of Good-Bye
You Must Love Me
1.You Must Love Me (single version)
2.Rainbow High (album version)
3.You Must Love Me / I'd Be Surprisingly Good for You (orchestral version)
Who's That Girl Soundtrack
1.Who's That Girl - Soundtrack
2.Causing A Commotion - Soundtrack
3.The Look Of Love - Soundtrack
4.Can't Stop - Soundtrack
The Confessions Tour (Int'l Only DMD)
1.Get Together - Live Bonus Track
2.Let It Will Be - Live
3.Sorry - Live
4.Isaac - Live
Sticky & Sweet Tour
1.Beat Goes On Medley - feat. Kanye West Live
2.La Isla Bonita 2008 (Live)
3.Get Stupid Medley (Live)
4.Heartbeat (Live) [Bonus Track]
5.Borderline (Live) [Bonus Track]
6.Ray of Light (Live) [Bonus Track]
7.Don't Cry for Me Argentina
8.You Must Love Me - Live
10.Miles Away
11.Into the Groove 2008
12.You Must Love Me
13.Give It 2 Me
14.Like a Virgin
15.Candy Shop (medley, live)
16.La Isla Bonita 2008
17.Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
18.Miles Away - Live Bonus Track
19.4 Minutes - feat. Justin Timberlake And Timbaland Live Bonus Track
20.Human Nature (live)
21.Vogue 2008 (live)
22.She's Not Me (live)
23.Music 2008 (live)
24.Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (live)
25.Spanish Lesson (live)
26.Like a Prayer 2008 (live)
27.Give It 2 Me (live)
28.She's Not Me
29.Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
30.She's Not Me
Rebel Heart Tour (Live)
1.Iconic (Live)
2.Holy Water / Vogue (Live)
3.La Vie En Rose (Live)
4.Material Girl (Live)
5.Unapologetic Bitch (Live)
6.Candy Shop (Live)
7.Rebel Heart (Live)
8.La Isla Bonita (Live)
9.Living For Love (Live)
10.HeartBreakCity (Live)
11.Deeper and Deeper (Live)
12.True Blue (Live)
13.Body Shop (Live)
14.Devil Pray (Live)
15.Burning Up (Live)
16.Dress You Up / Into the Groove (Live)
1.Ray of Light (instrumental) (promotional edit)
2.Swim (promotional edit)
3.Has to Be (promotional edit)
4.Candy Perfume Girl (promotional edit)
Oh Father
1.Oh Father (edit)
2.Pray for Spanish Eyes (LP version)
3.Live to Tell (live edit From Ciao Italia)
4.Why's It So Hard (live From the Girlie Show)
My Paradise Lounge Albums
1.Bittersweet (Chopped Out Choprah mix)
2.What It Feels Like for a Girl (Stephan Pompougnac remix)
3.Deeper & Deeper (Funky's Groove On mix)
4.Don't Tell Me (Victor Calderone sensory edit)
5.Bedtime Story (Cookie mix)
6.Nothing Really Matters (Kruder and Dorfmeister vocal edit)
7.Nothing Fails (slow vocal mix)
8.Frozen (Stereo MC's edit)
9.Secret (Dens54 deep remix)
10.Ray of Light (ambient edit)
11.To Have and Not to Hold
I'm Going To Tell You A Secret (Audio Only DMD)
1.The Beast Within - Live
2.Vogue - Live
3.American Life - Live
4.Die Another Day - Live
5.Lament - Live
6.Mother And Father - Live
7.Holiday - Live
I'm Breathless (Music from and Inspired By the Film Dick Tracy)
1.Now I'm Following You, Pt. 1
2.Now I'm Following You, Pt. 2
3.Vogue (Edit Version)
House: The Music of Club
1.Profusion (Craig J Good Vibe mix)
2.Madonna (The M and F House Mixes)
3.Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Re-remix)
4.Me Against the Music (Terminal Head vocal)
5.American Life (Oscar Velazquez Tribal)
6.Nothing Fails (Peter Rauhofer Lost in Space)
7.Love Profusion (The Passengers club mix)
8.Vogue Vinyl
1.Holiday (LP Version)
2.Where's The Party (Remix)
3.Everybody (Remix)
1.What It Feels Like For A Girl - GHV2
2.Drowned World / Substitute for Love
4.Don't Cry For Me Argentina
5.Ray of Light (Radio Edit Version)
6.Beautiful Stranger (William Orbit Radio Edit Version)
7.Bedtime Story (Edit Version)
8.Don't Cry for Me Argentina (Radio Edit Version)
9.Secret (Edit Version)
10.Erotica (Radio Edit Version)
11.Drowned World/Substitute For Love
2.Frozen(Stereo Mc's Remix)
3.Frozen(Extended Club Mix)
4.Frozen(Meltdown Mix)
Forever Gold
1.The Power Of Goodbay
3.Like A Virgin
5.Justify my love
6.This used to be my playground
7.Take a bow
8.Papa don't preach
9.Material girl
10.Ray of light
11.I'll remember
12.Drowned World - Substitude for Love
15.Don't cry for me Argentina
16.La Isla Bonita
18.To have and not to hold
19.American Pie
20.Love don't live here anymore
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
1.Don't Cry For Me Argentina
2.Don't Cry For Me Argentina
3.Don't Cry For Me Argentina
4.Don't Cry For Me Argentina
5.Don't Cry For Me Argentina
6.Don't Cry For Me Argentina
1.Never let you go
3.Living For Love
4.Joan of Arc
6.Inside Out
7.Two Steps Behind Me
8.Addicted (The One That Got Away)
9.Make The Devil Pray
10.Tragic Girl
11.Autotune Baby
14.Across The Sky
15.You Thrill Me
17.Set The Right
18.Nothing Lasts Forever
1.Lucky Star
2.Express Yourself
3.Ray of Light
4.Hung Up
6.Miles Away
8.La Isla Bonita
10.Dress You Up
11.Who's That Girl
14.Material Girl
15.Papa Don't Preach
16.Into the Groove
17.Take a Bow
19.Crazy for You
20.Justify My Love
22.Live to Tell
23.Like a Virgin
24.Celebration (video)
25.4 Minutes (video)
26.Express Yourself (video)
27.Like a Prayer (video)
28.La Isla Bonita (video)
29.Papa Don't Preach (video)
30.Material Girl (video)
31.Like a Virgin (video)
32.It's So Cool
33.Revolver - feat. Lil Wayne
34.Cherish (video)
35.Vogue (video)
36.Jump (video)
37.Get Together (video)
38.Sorry (video)
39.Hung Up (video)
40.Don't Tell Me (video)
41.Ray of Light (video)
42.You'll See (video)
43.Take a Bow (video)
44.Rain (video)
45.Justify My Love (video)
46.4 Minutes - feat. Justin Timberlake And Timbaland
Candy Shop
1.Sweet Darling
2.Little By Little
3.The Evidence
4.The Beat Goes On
6.It Hurts
Miscellaneous 2
1.American Life (American Dream Remix)'(feat. Missy Elliott
2.Lies In Your Eyes
3.Power of Good-bye
4.Erotica (Radio Edit)
5.Nobody Knows Me (P. Rauhofer, Above & Beyond, Mount Sims Mixes)
6.Nothing Fails (Remix)
7.Hey You
8.Candy Store
9.Little Thang
10.Turn It Up (Provided)
12.Ain't No Big Deal ('81 Edit)
13.Be Careful
14.Over & Over
15.Vogue (12' Version)
16.I'll Remember (Theme From The Motion Picture With Honors)
17.Take A Bow (Album Version)
18.Music, Hey Mr. DJ
19.Pray For Spanish Eyes
20.Nothing Fails (Nevins Mix)
21.Love Profusion (Headcleanr Rock Mix)
22.Your Honesty
23.Nobody Knows Me (Mount Sims Old School Mix)
24.American Life (Headcleanr Rock Mix)
26.Take A Bow (Edit)
27.BedTime Story (Edit)
28.What it feels like a girl
29.Hung Up (Radio Edit)
30.Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Remix)
31.Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Mix)
32.Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Radio Edit)
33.Deeper And Deeper (7 Edit)
34.Frozen (Edit)
35.Madonna - Beautiful Stranger (LP Version)
36.Deserve It
37.Must Love Me
38.Madonna - Like A Prayer
39.Like it on not
40.Fondbidden love
41.Bedtime Story (Junior's Single Mix)
42.Bedtime Story (Junior's Sound Factory Mix)
43.Survival (Album Version)
44.Bedtime Story (Junior's Wet Dream Mix)
45.Nothing Really Matters (Club 69 Phunk Mix)
46.Lo Que Siente La Mujer (What It Feels Like For A Girl)
47.Get Togther
49.La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix)
50.Beautiful Stranger (William Orbit Radio Edit)
51.Bedtime Story (Orbital Mix)
52.I Want You (With Massive Attack)
53.Drowned World-Substitute For Love - Madonna
54.Hey Mr. DJ
55.Get Into The Groove
56.Open Your Heart To Me
57.Just Like A Prayer
58.Substitute For Love
59.Dress You Up In My Love
60.Hung Up (SDP Extended Dub)
61.Hollywood (Oakenfold 12' Full Remix - 6:12 Edit)
62.Buenos Aries
63.Up Down Suite
64.Let Down Your Guard
65.History (Non-Album Track)
66.Bedtime Stories
67.American Life (Full Version)
68.Sidewalk Talk
69.On the Street
70.Now I'm Following You (Part 1)
71.Now I'm Following You (Part 2)
72.Ain't No Big Deal ('81 and '97 extended)
73.Ain't No Big Deal ('97 edit)
74.Everybody ('97 and '81)
75.Where's The Party?
76.Two Steps Behind
77.Lucky Star (New Mix)
78.Burning Up (12' Version)
79.Love Profusion (R. Rosario, Craig J., Passengerz & Blow-Up Mixes)
80.the beat goes on (madonna ft. kanye west)
81.Veni Vidi Vici
82.Beautiful Scars
83.Borrowed Time
85.Graffiti Heart
86.Auto-Tune Baby
87.Living for Love (THRILL Remix)
88.Give Me All Your Luvin' - feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.
89.4 Minutes - Featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland Edit
90.Future Lovers / I Feel Love - Live
91.Hung Up - Live
92.Lucky Star - Live
93.Like A Virgin - Live
94.Jump - Live
95.Confessions - Live
96.Sorry - Remix Live
97.I Love New York - Live
98.Music Inferno - Live
99.Erotica - Live
Miscellaneous 1
1.American Life (Remix)
2.Verás (English)
3.And The Money Kept Rolling In(And Out)
5.Be Careful With My Heart
6.The Funny Song
7.The Actress Hasn't Learned The Lines
9.Queen's English
10.Don't Cry For Me Argentina(Miami Spanglish Mix)
11.Love Won't Wait
13.Eva And Magaldi/eva Beware Of The City
14.Like A Flower
16.Hoy Que No Estas (English)
17.Get Over
18.Goodbye To Innocence
19.Hoy Que No Estas
20.Guilty By Association
21.Gone, Gone, Gone
22.Eva Beware Of The City
23.High Flying, Adored
24.Charity Concert/the Art Of The Possible
25.Cyberraga (English)
26.If You Forget Me
27.Just A Dream
28.Justify My Love(The Beast Within Mix)
29.Burning Up ('81)
30.GHV2 MegaMix
31.Let Down Your Guard(Rough Mix Edit)
32.Lo Que Siente La Mujer
33.Broken (I'm Sorry)
34.Shine A Light
36.On The Ground
37.Love On The Run
38.Little Boy Lost
39.I Surrender, Dear
40.Get Up
41.Each Time You Break My Heart
43.The Actress Hasn't Learned The Lines (You'd Like T
44.I'll Remember, Theme From With Honors
45.Sidewalk Talk(Extended Dance Mix)
46.Supernatural(Original Arms House Mix)
47.The Actress Hasn't Learned The Lines(You'd Like To Hear)
48.Dice Are Rolling / A New Argentina
49.Ring My Bell
50.Give Me All Your Luvin' (Single)
51.Best Friend
52.Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix)
53.I Fucked Up
54.Falling Free
55.Girls Gone Wild
56.B-Day Song
57.Beautiful Killer
58.Some Girls
1.Celebration - feat. Akon
2.Into The Hollywood Groove - feat. Missy Elliott The Passengerz Mix
3.Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Remix Version
4.Oh Father - Alternate
5.Living For Love (Funk Generation & H3dRush Dub)
6.Ghosttown (Offer Nissim Drama Remix)
7.La Isla Bonita (instrumental)
8.In This Life (live)
9.Madonna vs. Avicii – Girl Gone Wild (AVICII's UMF Mix)
10.Girl Gone Wild (Dave Audé remix)
11.Unapologetic B****
12.I Don't Give A - MDNA World Tour / Live 2012
13.Nobody Knows Me (Video Interlude) (MDNA World Tour / Live 2012)
14.Justify My Love (Video Interlude) (MDNA World Tour / Live 2012)
15.Best Friend (Video Interlude) (MDNA World Tour / Live 2012)
16.Virgin Mary (Intro) (MDNA World Tour / Live 2012)
17.I'm a Sinner (MDNA World Tour / Live 2012)
18.Take a Bow (Edit Version)
19.Drowned World / Substitute for Love (remix '98)
20.Sky Fits Heaven (club-mix)
21.Turn Up the Radio (Offer Nissim remix)
22.Everybody Is a Star / Everybody
23.Die Another Day (Deepsky edit)
24.Die Another Day (2002)
25.Music (Shane 54's Pink Flood mix)
26.Borderline (remix)
27.La Isla Bonita (Remix)
28.Hung Up (SDP Extended Vocal) (Edit)
29.American Pie (Richard 'Humpty' Vission radio mix)
30.American Pie (album version)
31.Little Boy
32.Miles Away (Thin White Duke edit)
33.Masterpiece (Kid Capri's remix)
34.Turn Up the Radio (Leo Zero remix)
35.Beautiful Stranger (LP version)
36.One More Chance (LP version)
37.Deeper and Deeper (edit)
38.Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta One Love club mix)
39.Frozen (meltdown mix) (long version)
40.Nobody's Perfect (Tiësto remix)
41.Hung Up (SDP extended dub mix)
42.Human Nature (Runway club mix) (radio edit)
43.You'll See (radio edit)
44.The Power of Good-Bye (album version)
45.Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Soulpower radio remix) (edit)
46.Hung Up (Rylan's remix)
47.Holiday (12' version)
48.Lucky Star (extended dance remix)
49.American Pie (Richard 'Humpty' Vission Visits Madonna)
50.Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito extended remix)
51.Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix)
52.Nothing Fails (Jason Nevins radio remix)
53.Hung Up / Get Together / Sorry / Future Lovers / I Love NY / Let It Will Be / Forbidden Love / Jump / How High / Isaac / Push / Like It or Not (Non-Stop mix)
54.Sorry (Man With Guitar edit)
55.Love Drunk, No. 2: Bittersweet
56.I Love New York (Thin White Duke Remix)
57.Jump (Single Edit)
58.Hey You (Single Version)
59.Nobody Knows Me (Live)
60.Get Together (Bonus Track)
61.More (End Credits)
62.Give Me All Your Luvin' (Laidback Luke remix)
63.Vogue - Edit
64.Rain (radio remix)
65.Bad Girl (extended mix)
66.Secret (edit)
67.White Heat (album version)
68.Sorry (radio version)
69.Girl Gone Wild (Madonna vs. Avicii) (AVICII's UMF Mix)
70.Bitch I'm Madonna (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
71.B**** I'm Madonna
72.Hanky Panky (Remastered) - Live
73.Keep It Together (Remastered) - Live
74.Celebration - Benny Benassi Dub
75.Live to Tell (LP version)
76.Papa Don't Preach (extended remix)
77.4 Minutes (Peter Saves New York edit)
78.4 Minutes (radio edit)
79.4 Minutes (edit version)
80.4 Minutes (Promo Only clean edit)
81.Give Me All Your Luvin' (Just Blaze Bionic dub)
82.This Used to Be My Playground (long version)
83.Why's It So Hard (Live 1993 FM Broadcast Remastered)
84.Give It to Me
85.Imagine (live)
86.Revolver (One Love Remix) [Madonna vs. David Guetta]
87.Erotica (Masters at Work dub)
88.Human Nature (Howie Tee remix)
89.Take a Bow (Indasoul mix)
90.Rescue Me (album cut)
91.This Used to Be My Playground (LP version)
92.Like a Virgin (Extended Dance Remix)
93.Another Suitcase In Another Hall (From 'Evita' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
94.Don't Tell Me (Timo Maas mix)
95.Hollywood (radio edit)
96.Like a Virgin (Live 1993 FM Broadcast)

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